Africa is known for its vast untapped mineral resources than any other place in the world. Its human and technological potentials are also limitless but all are greatly limited by the inability of leaders to solve problems affecting key areas towards development like agriculture and the electoral process.

As we have come to realize, the corruption of revenue from resources and shady financial dealings by government officials is central to the weakness of the African economy. Obviously, to solve these problems, Africa will need a transparent system. Embracing the blockchain can be the first step in the right direction.

However, the one thing African leaders often get wrong about the blockchain is its supposed difficulty for a non-technically inclined population like those spread across the continent.

To make things simple for a lay reader, here are a few points to give anyone a headstart.

With Blockchain, the Customer is in Charge

If you have ever been to a bank for any kind of financial transaction and get a response that your transaction will be resolved in eight working days, then you need the blockchain. It is nothing but an absolute opposite of the centralized banking system….Continue Reading

Source: African Liberty

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