Daschart builds a community where cryptocurrency can be used to purchase basic and every day needs in Africa. Dashcart citizens comprise the platform and range from impact investors to crypto owners in Africa. Daschart brings multi-service providers to work for the benefits of the cryptocurrency owners. We hope by our little effort in the crypto space, cryptocurrency will be adopted so much we will start using the word “fund/money owners” instead of “cryptocurrency owners”.

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Webercoin is the token that fuels the WeberHub marketplace which connects businesses to users on an easy-to-use platform rewarding them for engagement on the platform, all within an Ads network system. Using Webercoin, the primary token on the platform, as well as other widely used tokens, businesses connect with their customers better, and customers get rewarded for using the platform.

WeberHub is the platform that brings them together, increasing interaction between businesses and customers, with low-cost advertising and seamless processes.

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BlockVibranium, the world’s first Hybrid Learning and tutoring Blockchain Platform. BlockVibranium gives developers, executives, governments, and universities tailored options for blockchain education, offering a robust solution to the global blockchain education crisis.

BlockVibranium will provide education and propel the adoption of Blockchain into day-to-day activities and present career placement programs which fill a widening gap in the blockchain development sector. Considering the state of blockchain education in Africa, which establishes a trend of growing demand for highly-trained blockchain developers and identifies the need for centralized and decentralized tutoring, recruitment and industry-tailored training programs that connect businesses with blockchain developers.

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KamerExchange is the best place to buy and sell digital assets in Cameroon straight from your MoMo account Fast, Easy and Garanteed! KamerExchange provide means for Easy and Safe Cryptocurrency trading with FIAT. KamerExchange currently sell and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Electronuem and Dash for Fiat.

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Biya is a utility that allows you make payments seamlessly over a conversational interface. You can buy airtime, pay utility bills, subscribe to internet, TV etc. and transfer money simply via chat.

Interacting with Biya is just as easy as chatting with a dear friend who is available 24/7 and gets your financial transactions done swiftly for FREE. Biya bypasses charges imposed on USSD transaction service so it is in fact cost effective.

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Electronic Esusu

Electronic Esusu is a digital payment solution designed to simplify and automate the process of thrift savings, collection, microcredit and financial inclusion services to the banked and financially excluded population so as to reduce the problems associated with the traditional and manual savings scheme.

With Electronic Esusu, we explore the use of Digital Payment Technology and Global System Mobile Device to manage and enhance transactions of the esusu scheme. The system also provides members and management of esusu schemes with instant information on any transaction made and it guarantees security of data and information.

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Crypto Savings

Crypto Savings takes the small change from everyday spending and invest it in your choice of cryptocurrency portfolio. The goal of Crypto Savings is to make it easy and fun to invest in a diverse basket of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ripples e.t.c.

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