Cryptocurrency Africa

Cryptocurrency Africa is a non-profit financial education organisation. As a movement, Cryptocurrency Africa’s goal is to achieve economic emancipation of the African continent by educating Africans on the adoption and use of the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency alongside other revolutions in the global financial space. This is achieved through educational meet up programmes organised in different countries in Africa some of which include; Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda.  

As a community of cryptocurrency advocates, Cryptocurrency Africa offers promotional programmes to expand Africa’s communal base, extending the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology education to the millennial generation of Africa who constitute a larger percentage of the African populace.

Our aim is simply to impact Africa’s economic and financial realm through the education and promotion of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology at NO CHARGE!

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Blockchain Africa

Blockchain Africa is focused on building next generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology. We also the company offers blockchain consultancy service.

We can speed up your team’s understanding of blockchain and its potential opportunities for your business, we can also help to create a blockchain strategy you can apply to your company/business.

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Blockchain African Ladies (BAL)

The Blockchain African Ladies (BAL) is a platform to raise and promote ideas by ladies in the African Blockchain space. The world has witness unbelievable and unimaginable feats by ladies in S.T.E.M right from the early days of computing and space science. What would be of the future in the Blockchain space by ladies would serve as a repeat of history and maybe with more shocking results. We believe in the wits, strength and potentials possessed by the female sex, hence we are building a platform that would give them a hedge in the market and industry at large.

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Blockchain Africa Campus Clubs

The Blockchain Africa Campus Clubs is a platform to groom college students who aspire to pursue a career in the Blockchain space and in other relevant disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, etc. The Decentralized clubs which has presence in all major colleges across Africa would provide a meet-up and follow-up structure for its members by veterans in the Blockchain space.

The Free Africa Project

“It is time for Africa” is more than just a lyric in a popular Afromusic, a prophecy some may call it. But in Cheetah Africa, this has served as a push and trigger to inspire the younger generations rightly called the Cheetah generations, the only hope of Africa to take on the global challenge of earning for Africa once again that place of global spectacle and applause in world leading innovations and development in all realms of human existence.

The time for Africa is now, and it is Africa’s last chance of gaining its place of pride among other continents in the world. We believe this race can only be achieved by African Cheetahs. Hence The Free Africa Project, an initiative of Cheetah Africa is aimed at creating a platform for mentoring and providing necessary support structures for the African Cheetahs to “free” Africa from its lethal socio-political and economic realities. This is achieved through, idea incubation programmes, Bootcamps, project challenges, and long term mentoring for the African Cheetahs.

Startups Fund Project

Every startup faces the challenge of necessary support structure needed for scalability, profitability and high level competitiveness in the market. Startups Fund Project is an initiative of Cheetah Africa to select, incubate, support and promote the best of African ideas especially in the space of Blockchain and Advanced Technologies.   We would create a platform to engage potentially profitable ideas who have passed our acid test and connect them with Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors for funding and other necessary support structures.

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