Africa would be free again, it would gain its place of pride and independence from being a pawn on the chess board of world politics and global dominance”.

As what can be referred to as “the rush for African markets” unfolds, it would only be essential to remind ourselves that Africa’s historical subjection to foreign political dominance and economic subservience is a consequence of our leaders indiscretion and shortsightedness to trade Africa away on the altar of the so-called foreign aids and bilateral relations. And it is quite saddening that this has been a prevalent narrative in most of Africa nations, even as we begin to experience what can be called the “Chinese Power Play” in Africa.

Africa has to learn that this “carrot and stick diplomacy” employed by foreign aids donors would only make us weaker and susceptible to abuse and misuse in the hands of her “savior nations”. There is no better way to become stronger than to maintain the discipline of self-reliance and limited aid seeking.

Africa needs no aid of any kind, especially from a country whose altruistic motive is questionable. Africa needs a freer economy, dependent on its available resources and intelligently managed by its own people.

Communist China can never be the solution to Africa’s aspiration to attain a state economic prosperity. As a matter of fact, it is embarrassing for just a country to establish foreign ties with a whole continent and more disgraceful for a country to give aids to a whole continent, the underlying perception of such event is a caricature of China-Africa neo-imperialism. Read More

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