Africa is at a crossroad of ideological revolution, a new generation is fast rising whose value system and inspiration is far alienated from the older generation whose belief system is influenced by their colonial experiences and struggle for political freedom. While the former is a generation of the young, agile and self-reliant whose interest is afro-centric, the latter is a generation of the old ruling elites who dictates the political, economic and religious tune of the African society relying on the strength of foreign aids. The amount of foreign aids given to Africa yearly is estimated to be around $600 Billion. However, these aids entrusted in the hands of the ruling elites class has produced no incremental benefit to the people of Africa, rather, the obtainable are developmental projects that are later dumped in the laps of the African people. These generation of ruling elites are the “hippo generation”. They submerge the future of Africa in corrupt practices, laying blame on the colonial rule for their failure to lead Africa into its paradise. There is however, another generation in Africa classified by the Professor of Economics, George Ayittey, as the “Cheetah Generation”. This is a new breed of proactive African youths who would not rely on the government for the individual and collective prosperity of Africa. They are outliers who take it upon themselves to adopt a new approach in tackling Africa’s challenge. They take responsibility for their future because they indeed are the future of Africa. Rather than rely on foreign aids to liberate Africa, with their entrepreneurial mindset, they seize every of Africa’s social need as a business opportunity. They are taking Africa on a totally new path, putting an end to decades of brain drain, and as emphasized by the Professor of Economics, George Ayittey; “The salvation of Africa rest on the back of these cheetahs”. Asia has its Tigers, Africa will have its Cheetahs; these are the libertarians.

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