Cheetah Africa, the pool of African start-up s and innovation has scored a point again in its philanthropic missions. The African Blockchain and Tech Hub, gave back to humanity along side leading companies like Binance, in what almost seemed like a “giving competition”. While, the amount of donation made by the giving parties remain confidential, many children lives have been impacted in this educational philanthropic mission.

The philanthropic project initiated by the Emeka Tony Onuora (ETO)  Foundation was targeted at encouraging education among unschooled kids by donating over a million books, school bags, and water bottles. The founder of CryptoTv and brain behind the “Back to School Project” expressed his gratitude to Cheetah Africa for being a big part of the vision.

The Cheetah Africa donation was made through one of its arm; “Cheetah Cares”. We believe that in the coming years, Cheetah Africa would be a major part of huge “service to humanity” projects.

Emeka Tony Onuora (ETO) Foundation says thank you to Cheetah Africa for the partnership in the back to school project

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